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To survive as an independent producer in an industry so demanding takes patience, flexibility, and experience. Tizar Roberts is a good example of a man who holds all those key elements. He is an exceptional guitarist and producer from Detroit, Michigan who started practicing the guitar at a young age.


By 13, Tizar was performing with some of Detroit's most popular top 40 bands touring the city's trendiest venues. His high-energy stage performance and ability to mimic greats like Al DiMeola, Jimi Hendrix, earned him the nickname "Hollywood". Soon after, a buzz started to spread and many studios were requesting Tizar's presence as a guitarist regionally. 


Eager for a change and the opportunity to express himself more creatively, Tizar relocated to Orlando, Florida when asked to play for a popular band known as "The Body Shop." The band went on to release a CD that gained successful media reviews and radio airplay throughout the Central Florida area.


After networking and learning the ins and outs of the Orlando market, Tizar decided to tighten up his skills as a producer/songwriter and began working towards building his own recording studio. 


In 2002, he established a production company called T.E.P. (Tizar's Entertainment Production Co.) and began his journey as an independent guitarist, producer, and songwriter.


Today Tizar acts as CEO in addition to producing and performing with a hip-hop band called "The Hit Connect," a rap duo setting the streets of Central, Florida on fire. The group has been performing and promoting consistently in the Southeast and online since forming and continues to progress as an independent entity. They have been featured in Ozone, Hood, and Ace Magazine. "The Hit Connect" has opened for Pastor Troy, JT Money, Ol E, Grand Daddy Souf and more. The rap duo were also Hennessey VIP guest at the 2004 Florida Classic along with Azyet and Biz Markie where their performance gained national exposure on Black America Web (Tom Joyner). In 2006 they received the Cry Girl Music Award at Disney to commend them on their stage presence, consistency, and progress as independent artist. 


Currently "The Hit Connect" is featured and also co-hosted Vol. 1 of Chocolate City Live DVD Magazine (which is an audio-video publication covering the entertainment scene in the South).


Tizar currently has songs with Media Evolutions and Bright Star Records playing on the airways in Florida and Georgia region. Since these ventures recognition has truly increased and as expected Tizar "Hollywood" Roberts is thrusting forward. 

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